HireBros - Time Tracking Platform for Remote Teams

An easier way to manage your remote team

Use the HireBros Time Tracker to boost your team’s productivity. 

Stop Chasing Your Virtual Assistants

Managing a remote team can keep you guessing. Are they really productive or just goofing around?

With our time tracking software, you can easily monitor what your team is working on and when they’re doing it.


Invite your team so they can install our time tracking software. It’s so easy and simple to use, they’re gonna enjoy using it!


Capture screenshots, measure activities, and track time to the minute. Gain better insights on your team’s productivity and help them stay on track.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new free time. Let our tool do all the monitoring while you scale your business up.


See what your team is working on

Capture screenshots of their computer every 15 minutes and see exactly what’s on their screen during office hours. You also have the option to blur or increase screenshot frequency per session.


Keep your team focused

Measure your team’s productivity with our activity scoring feature. It tracks mouse and keyboard activity and rates it 0-100% – a simple reminder to stay attentive.


Get better insights on your team’s productivity.

View your team’s time logs, activity score, and screenshots in one simple but detailed report dashboard. Discover who’s truly productive and who needs more support.


Save money with our payment tracker

Stop paying for excess time and pay only for the time tracked by your team.

We automatically compute your team’s hourly rate and the total hours worked – so you can just go straight to PayPal and send the payment.

Time is Money

Sleep better knowing that your business is being handled on autopilot.

HireBros makes it simple to track time, measure performance, and manage your team members all in one place.

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Why Choose Us?

0% Transaction Fee

Zero. Zilch. Nada. We charge you nothing for paying your team. You deserve to save the 20% transaction fee from that other service.

Progress Report Feature

Go beyond time tracking with a progress report. Know the progress and important results your team is doing for your business.

100% Risk Free

Money-back guarantee for the first 60 days. Simply send us an email for a full, prompt, and courteous refund!

Other features

Manage Users

Manage all your users in one place

Disable and Blur Screenshots

Disable or blur screenshots for employee privacy

X1 – X4 Screenshots

Adjust screenshot frequency from 1x – 4x

Payment Reporting

Get automatic and accurate payment reports

Weekly Limit

Set a weekly limit on work hours


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Start Boosting Your Team’s Productivity Today

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No risk and no credit card required.

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